Drive-In Cinema: Demon Resurrection (2008)

Demon Resurrection (2008)

Starring: Alexis Golightly, Damian Ladd, Eli Kranski, Chad Kessler, Amanda Pennington

Plot: In an isolated house, a group of friends battle supernatural forces as they try to protect a young woman from an evil cult in this low-budget horror shocker... Stripped and savaged by evil cultist, her body offered up to the demonic God they worship. Now she carries the evil within her and the ones she loves most will pay the price with their life's.....The devil himself wants her for his bride and he's sending his legions of hell to get her.

My Review and Thoughts: 

I have found the pure retro 70's, 80's beauty of cinema once again. This is a classic modern-day retro 70's drive-in B-movie. A horror film that I truly have fallen in love with. This is a new cult classic. This is a new modern midnight following, fan club based; beauty of horror cinema.

Demons, demonic powers, zombies, witchcraft, skeletons, cults, boobs and awesome amazing makeup and special effects. I can't speak highly enough about the retro style makeup and costumes. Truly classic, really amazingly done. Awesome Drive-in film. I enjoyed this movie greatly. I think this is above and beyond many Cult style horror films that have came out, for this one graces the cinema of the fans, for the fans, it showcases the beauty of old school zombie films with a mix of witchcraft old school style.

This is like taking the wonderful 70's beauty of writer/director AMANDO DE OSSORIO The Blind Dead Collection and mixing in Hammer Studios The Devil Rides Out and splashing all the beauty and wonderment of zombie films of the Italian nature.

This film captures that classic reality of zombie horror and gives a modern approach. Zombie movies are so over done this day and age, and there are very few that stand out as something new and fresh. I want a movie that becomes pure candy to the film buff and horror lover. This day and age when I go into zombie films, I come out of them wishing for more, or at least something that has not been done before over and over again, and that is what this genera of film making has become. I think I found the fun homage film, to the old lover of 70's and 80's horror in Demon Resurrection. 

I really enjoyed the darkened reality and the direction. The over all complete feel of this horror movie. I loved the approach, the gore and most of all the sense of it being a classic retro horror film.

William Hopkins directed this little gem of b-movie drive-in cinema. His created imagination on screen which easily flows for the viewer. I believe what also stands out is the filmed, creepy, dark, imagery.

You know me. I'm a huge supporter of independent cinema and a huge supporter of low-budget cinema, and I'm a diehard guilty pleasure fan of the b-movie, b-grade cinema and this is all those and more. This is truly a wild trippy B-movie, low-budget, cheesy wonderment of simply put--B-perfection.

The performance by Alexis Golightly as Grace is perfect in her role, capturing the victim and the terror and helplessness of her character. She made you believe her ordeal of demonic rape, and the victim to the dark forces; mother to evil. She shines in the part.

The performance by Damian Ladd as John, who is Graces boyfriend in the movie, is top notch. The chemistry between the two are believable. Truly entertaining together. Ladd is a great actor and creates his persona down to earth and also in that old style of warrior against the dark forces.

Will McDonald plays Toth the head cult leader and demon summoner. This is only his second movie. I think he created a fun blank, twisted character. 

This has the awesome one of kind horror b-movie stable of an actor, Joe Zaso who plays Toth's assistant. I have followed him for many years and he is always a true actor owning each of his characters. I will always remember him in 2007's Barricade and countless others. He acts not just in horror, but to me that's where he belongs. His persona and gift for the art of horror shines in his acting reality.

Laurie Miller plays Kate. She gives the take charge, serious persona to the character. Miller owns her part and creates Kate in a believable manner. 

My favorite character in the movie has to go to Bashir Solebo who plays Denton, who at first I thought was going to be the token black guy in the horror, but ended up playing a truly strong part that I really enjoyed.

The music score is perfect and flawless, playing on the classic retro style. The haunting sounds and moan like atmosphere, with fog and smoke bring the classic dead walking persona.

This has all your basic characters, your black guy, you're gay guy, you're annoying jock type character that only knows how to say f***k. The jocks girlfriend who basically tags along and was probably the cheerleader in high school. The victim, the educated nerd, the take charge I know what to do character, the weird one who spews about demons and the supernatural. It has all the makeup of different persona's you would expect. 

The 40 min mark is when the crap hits the fan and the ultimate romp of b-movie flavor of enjoyment begins. 

Disemboweling, gut ripping, bitch slapping zombies, yes you read that right. You even have a zombie acting like Romeo seeking out his Juliet climbing a wall to the second floor, although she wishes not to know "where for art thou". 

A true hoot, that totally pollutes the horror world in a truly twisted good way. The birth shot I will not forget. The moment of birth was like, The Deadly Spawn on crack. 

In the end, the movie holds its own as a great low budget drive-in b-horror movie.

Burial Ground meets the modern day, and offers a slice of Italian style horror, to a new generation.

Go and buy this wild retro, exploitation and truly a fun awesome ride.