Drive-In Cinema: PIN (1988)

Pin (1988)

Starring: David Hewlett, Cynthia Preston, Terry O'Quinn, Bronwen Mantel, John Pyper-Ferguson, Jonathan Banks

Plot: Dr. Frank Linden has a life-size anatomically correct medical dummy in his office which he calls "Pin." Via ventriloquism, Pin explains to Dr. Linden's children Leon and Ursula bodily functions and how the body works in a way children can relate to, without it being awkward. Unknown to Dr. Linden, Leon, an undiagnosed schizophrenic with traits of dissociative personality disorder, begins to believe the dummy is alive

My Review and Thoughts:

Now here's an Old-school film of the 80's that has often been overlooked. It's a wonderful horror B-grade suspense thriller with a twisted reality for the viewer. Starring the one and only master of film, Terry O'Quinn. Quinn is a force of brilliance when it comes to acting. Starring in some of the greats like 1987's The Stepfather and one of the great TV shows of all time Millennium. He plays Dr. Frank Linden in PIN. He has two kids Leon and Ursula. The doc has an interesting life like anatomical dummy with no skin; it shows the muscle structure which is a teaching tool. 

Leon and Ursula live in a strict clean tidy house. Dr. Frank Linden throws his voice without moving his lips to make PIN seem like he is talking. Leon attaches himself to Pin believing in him, where his sister calls it just a dummy.

Grown up Leon is played wonderfully by David Hewlett. Everyone will know him from Star-gate TV fame and many shows and films as a character actor. Now Leon as a child sees a nurse as he is hiding behind a curtain, use the dummy PIN as a tool to rub upon and masturbate with. This reality causes Leon to be afraid and disturbed by the understanding of sexual reality. 

Leon is clearly disturbed from growing up with a strict family life, a father that uses a no skin dummy to communicate and teach his kids and also Leon seeing his first sexual experience from a nurse having sex with a skinless dummy. If that don't screw you up then I don't know what will.

Now this is directed, and the screenplay is written by Sandor Stern. Sander is best known for his screenplay writing and also directing many TV movies, b-movies and cult films. He also wrote the screenplay for 1979's The Amityville Horror. He also wrote Amityville 4 and directed it for TV. He will best be remembered for directing Pin which has garnered a cult status in its home country of Canada.  

This is based on the novel by the same name written by Andrew Neiderman. Now Neiderman is the ghost writer of V.C. Andrews of Flowers in the Attic fame. After V.C. Died in 1986 he took over. Besides writing under the title of Andrews he wrote The Devils Advocate which was adapted for screen starring the one and only Al Pacino. 

PIN is a very interesting 80's film that I feel works for all it's weird nature. Its like a slasher film with a dummy. I was entertained by this forgotten late 80's horror film. A twisted example of one screwed up kid, believing in his fathers dummy.

This is on the lines of a Drive-in feature. A double-bill B-movie that lingers on your mind after it's over. I recommend it for 80's horror lovers and those who enjoy a good Drive-in feature film.