Wild Eye Releasing's: The Horror Network (2015)

The Horror Network (2015)

Starring: Nick Frangione, Artem Mishin, Brain Dorton, Jan Cornet, Macarena Gomez, Javier Botet

My Review of Thoughts:

This is absolutely bloody brilliant. I am utterly shocked at how great this is. This is a modern day Horror anthology that becomes an instant classic that does not hide behind the mundane, clich├ęd reality of a lot of these, style of horror films. This is a five part film. Five stories to complete the film.

All five stories add a mix of storytelling with the deranged, and violent reality of horror. Of the five stories, 3 really stand out as being brilliant, disturbing and downright creepy. My personal 3 favorites, and the strongest of the batch of horror stories is, 3am, Edward, Merry Little Christmas.

This is being brought out on DVD by the wonderful company Wild Eye Releasing. Wild Eye Releasing is a diverse company that releases independent horror films of all styles of horror. This is another prime example of their expertise in choosing lasting examples of horror no matter how low budget, or high budget they may be.

The Horror Network is a modern horror that finally takes a serious approach to the world of horror. There is no added humor that so many horror movies this day and age feel they have to add. This film is a strong dose of originality, and a disturbing brilliance of twisted insanity that finally delves deep into the aspects of classic horror, fear, disturbing creepy noises, unspeakable acts of depravity, and a wholly original conclusion.

3:00 AM. A woman receives a mysterious call at 3am every morning. Her home makes noises. Her surroundings play with her mind as objects move, and noises penetrate her peaceful world. This creates an old school attempt at loud noises, creepy sounds, moments of fear. The disturbing nature of a woman alone in a house, when something mysterious is going on, gives a classic approach to fear, dread, and just what is happening. The sound effects in this story are brilliant, and downright creepy.  

Edward. This is my favorite, and one the best Horror skits I have seen in a very long time. A young man is seeing a therapist. He has problems. He don’t want to sleep because of the dreams. He sleep walks. He awakes in places. His mind is slowly playing tricks on him. I am impressed beyond words with the acting of Nick Frangione as the character Hal. He is utterly flooring in this twisted, deranged story of inner personalities, and the aspect of evil. Alongside him is actor Artem Mishin who equally gives a brilliant performance. Edward is one of the best short films, skits I have ever seen. Pure horror excellence. Flawless acting. Amazing direction and execution of a twisted originality. This story needs to be seen. The effects, makeup stand out in great horror inducing details that this movie lover really enjoyed.

The Quite One. A deaf girl walks home from her school bus stop. Soon she notices a blue van which seems to be following her. Unique blend of old school. A girl, alone, the woods, being stalked. A simple story that leads to a twisted truth in the end. A gloomy and dark reality.

Merry Little Christmas. This ties with Edward as being one the best horror skits I have seen in a long time. A mother and daughter stained by an act of violence. The daughter relives the act over and over, as her life is clouded with images of witnessing her mother brutally attacked and rapped. This is one of the vilest, and disturbing skits I have ever seen. This is a bloody, gory, and a visionary step into a wholly disturbing violent reality. This utterly left me dumbfounded. There are moments of extreme violence that will shock even the most hardened horror fan. The makeup, and gore is beyond words. This is one of the most brilliant examples of makeup in the modern world of film making that I have come across. No CGI, just wonderful makeup, and effects, created by the hands of artist. There are moments in this that utterly left me in shocking disbelief at what I just saw. There is also a unique blend of artistry in this skit. The imagery is flooring, and something that leaves a brutal memory with you.

The Deviant One. A man passing judgement in the vilest way. This is basically a serial killer short film. This displays itself with a surreal approach to the subject. This also is an added bonus in the special features department, you get an Extended Cut of this skit. The skit in the film wraps up the movie. I do feel this eaves a disturbing insanity to the conclusion of the film.

You the viewer enter into the recesses of darkness, from the human side to the evil side. From man’s evil, to demonic evil. The Horror Network is one of the most brilliant horror films I have seen in a long time. It deserves to be seen.

These five stories directed by 4 brilliant imaginative, and very gifted directors. The strongest skit is Edward and Merry Little Christmas. All five skits are memorable, and stand out as truly original concepts that bleed horror, and originality in storytelling.

This horror anthology is highly recommended by A Bucket of Corn. Wild Eye Releasing has brought out an excellent example of high class horror that the world of horror films need.