2017's Year End Wrap Up: Top 10 Films, Products, Actors and Actresses, Etc. Etc.

The Year of 2017 in Films:

I went to the movies 117 times. I spent 1,376 dollars and 54 cents on Blu-ray's and DVDS this year. I am a movie nerd.

First things first, I vote on movies that can be seen by the public. I don't vote on films that only a hand full of people can see because of screener's. True film choices are made if the public can see the movie. If a movie is made in 2016 but does not get a wide release until 2017 then that film will be voted for in 2017, because it will be seen by the masses and therefore are eligible.

There was some wonderful Oscar worthy films to grace the cinema world, but there were those few movies that never get the credit they deserve. That never get the push they deserve because they don't have high budgets or famous people, or the push of Hollywood or the glitz and glamour of the red carpet type persona.

When I go into a movie, I don't go into the movie expecting it to be an Oscar worthy picture. I go into it to be entertained, to be struck with something thought-provoking or sometimes just a feature for senseless eye candy.

All movies don't have to be put out by Hollywood or the elite makers of cinema, for movies are movies.

My list consist of movies with high-class of the screen, starring some bigwigs. There is some lower class Cinema starring some bigwigs that never got the push, and there are those that nobody's ever heard of.

To be a true movie reviewer you have to adventure outside of just Hollywood cinema or the big budget set up, for there are countless movies that never make it to the big screen, that never get the Hollywood push. There are films that come direct to video. There are films that go through the indie theater market. There are films showcased publicly that fight and struggle to be seen. There are foreign films.

So without further a-do, my top ten film list that I feel created something new and fresh and

My List goes as Follows:

My Personal 10 Favorite Films of 2017
My Personal 10 Film Choices for The Oscars
Top 5 Animated Feature Films
Top 3 Actor Performances
Top 3 Actress Performances
Top 10 Blu-ray Special Edition Releases
Top 5 Best Plots to a Film
Best Makeup
Top 10 Horror Films
My Most Anticipated films of 2017

And without further ado, let's begin:


My Personal 10 Favorite Films of 2017

10. Gerald's Game
9. A Ghost Story
8. Life
7. Alien Convenant
6. The Limehouse Golem
5.  Murder on the Orient Express
4. Logan
3. The Shape of Water
2. Get Out
1. Wonder Woman

My Personal 10 Film Choices for The Oscars

Dunkirk, The Darkest Hour, Wonderstruck, The Shape of Water, Stronger, Wonder Woman, The Big Sick, Call Me By Your Name, The Florida Project, Three Billboards Outside of Edding.

My Top 3 Animated Films of 2017

Top 3 Acting Performances

3. Willem Defoe, The Florida Project
2. Daniel Kaluuya, Get Out
1. Gary Oldman The Darkest Hour

Top 3 Actress Performances

3Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman
2. Frances McDormand Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing 
1. Jennifer Lawrence for Mother!

Top 5 Horror Films of 2017

Amityville The Awakening, The Evil Within, Get Out, IT, The Void

Top 10 DVD/Blu-ray Releases of 2017

10. Sinbad Blu-ray Collection by Indicator CLICK HERE TO BUY
9. His Girl Friday by Criterion Collection CLICK HERE TO BUY
8. T-Men by Classic Flix CLICK HERE TO BUY
7. Don't Torture a Duckling by Arrow Head CLICK HERE TO BUY
6. Stalker by Criterion Collection CLICK HERE TO BUY
5. Paul Naschy Collection parts 1 and 2 by Shout/Scream Factory CLICK HERE TO BUY
4. Funeral Parade of Roses Blu-ray by Cinelicious Pics READ MY REVIEW HERE
3. The Dead Next Door Special Edition Blu-ray CLICK HERE TO BUY
2. Watch Around the Clock DVD Set by Mill Creek Entertainment. CLICK HERE TO BUY
1. Death Dream by Blue Underground READ MY REVIEW HERE CLICK HERE TO BUY

Top 5 DVD/Bluray Companies

5. Shout/Scream Factory coniuned to bring out a wonderment of Cult status films. Was super excited to obtain on Blu-ray Three O'Clock High, Serial Mom, The Angry Red Planet, The Bat People, The Poughkeepsie Tapes, The Paul Naschy Collection  1 and 2 and many others.

4. Criterion Collection brought out one on my most loved films and anticipated Blu-ray's of this year, Stalker. Also brought out the wonderful masterpiece His Girl Friday.

3. Twilight Time: Twilight Time brought out many wonderful films on Blu-ray for the first time. Really loved Chilly Scenes of Winter, Doctor Dolittle, Baby Boom, Peyton Place, Man in the Moon, and many others.  

2. Mill Creek Entertainment: Popped out some great films on Blu-ray, Band of the Hand, Pulse and a true favorite of mine Watch Around the Clock "Color" A complete 24 hour entertainment bundle, just a priceless idea.

1. Arrow Video: Arrow Video brought a slew of wonderful products this year. From THe Bird with the Crystal Plumage to Don't Torture a Duckling, just to name two that where truly important in cinema collecting.

Top 5 Best Plotted Films

5. Logan story by James Mangold
4. The Florida Project written by Sean Baker, Chris Bergoch
3. Three Billboards written and directed by Martin McDonagh
2. A Ghost Story written and directed by David Lowery
1. Get Out written and Directed by Jordan Peele

Best Foreign Film

Best Makeup/Special Effects in Film

Blade Runner 2049

My Most Anticipated Films of 2018