Twilight Time Blu-ray: The Hospital and Forever Amber

The Hospital (1971) and Forever Amber (1947)

Company: Twilight Time

Starring: The Hospital: George C. Scott, Barnard Hughes, Stephen Elliott, Diana Rigg, Nancy Marchand, Richard A. Dysart

Starring: Forever Amber: Richard Greene, George Sanders, Robert Coote, Linda Darnell, Glenn Langan, Richard Haydn, Jessica Tandy, Anne Revere, Cornel Wilde

My Review and Thoughts:

First Up: The Hospital

I was super excited learning this was going to be a Special Edition Blu-ray by Twilight Time, for the simple fact this stars one of my all-time favorite actors and second I had never seen this before, and so this was an absolute treat. George C. Scott is one of those perfect performers that was able to create and complete a persona and crafted an ability to own any film he did. He built his characters in such a believable fashion that it left the viewer with a passionate love for his acting wonderment. He starred in three of my all-time favorite films.
The one and only World War 2 film, Patton which is always the obvious one on most film lovers list. The second is the very underrated Ghost horror film from 1980, The Changeling which is a creepy, spooky and perfect little gem. And third, finally one of the greatest sequels, The Exorcist 3. It was super exciting to see The Hospital. Most recently Twilight Time had also released another Georg C Scott film on Special Edition Blu-ray the wonderful Hardcore which was another George C. Scott film I had never seen. Twilight Time did an 
amazing job in picking this one just like they picked Hardcore.

Also starring Bernard Hughes. Another character actor that always knew how to breathe life into his parts, both small and big. No-matter the size of the part, he gave his all and made you remember his performances. Started in movies and TV in 1952 and worked all the way up to the year 2000. He plays the part of Drummond in The Hospital to a golden ticket of perfection. Also, another one of his films was honored with a Special Edition Twilight Time release where he played the character of Henry Albertson in the musical comedy The Fantasticks. He gave his all to the part in both films. One reason why I always remember him is because of playing the part of Buzz Richman in the 90’s TV series I grew up with, Blossom. It would be all his constant characters throughout TV and feature film that made you remember him. Sadly, like all the greats, both small and big, he has passed away, but left an amazing career of performances that shine and stand out, no matter the size or the part.

I cannot, not mention the wonderful Dame Diana Rigg who plays the part of Barbara Drummond in The Hospital. She also was honored in another Special Edition Twilight Time release playing the character of Edwina the daughter to Vincent Price’s character in Theatre of Blood. Rigg is also one who really needs no introduction to the cinema world. Film buffs should know her beauty of performance in many stand out films both small and great, from TV to cinema she is a defining performer. I first fell in love with her watching her play James Bond’s wife in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. I think some of her greatest work is from Television. If one has not seen the BBC Miniseries Mother Love, you should. Now most recently she has played the amazing part of Olenna Tyrell in the Cult following and very popular TV series Game of Thornes. Which might I add she has garnered many award nominations for.

Directed by Arthur Hiller. Hiller directed a lot of Television but also directed some great films from comedy to drama he captured it all. He directed one of my all time favorite films. The way before it’s time drama 1982’s Making Love. A wonderful film of drama and thoughtful acting by all involved. Michael Ontkean, Kate Jackson and Harry Hamlin did a beautiful job in capture a though provoking film and the direction of that film is a solid example of the expertise that Arthur Hiller had. He also directed the comical films Arthur! Arthur! And 1976’s Silver Streak. Also directing the wonderful drama romance 1970’s Lover Story. Hiller had his hands in all types of cinema and The Hospital is prime example of his wonderment in film making.

The Hospital is a mixed bag of genera’s. It has comedy, drama and mystery all weaved together in one setting. Interesting is its about a Doctor in a hospital who is struggling with finding meaning in his life, but the added reality is that someone is murdering people inside his hospital. The mystery unfolds along with a rich drama setting.

Next up Forever Amber:

Starring a wonderful cast of performers. Throughout the film. This stars Cornel Wilde who plays the character of Bruce Carlton. In his amazing 77 years, he performed in over 70 performances. He starred in some of my favorite classic films such as, 1952’s The Greatest Show on Earth, 1965’s The Naked Prey, and many others. He was truly a talented actor that shined in his many films and appearances. He was also honored in with another Special Edition Twilight Time Blu-ray Edge of Eternity.

Directed by one of the greats, Otto Preminger. Preminger was and in my viewpoint a director that should be remembered, honored and spoken about when mentioning all the great directors in film. I feel Otto has been lost in time. When I mention him, most have no earthly idea who he is, and that is a true shame. Otto had away with his films that dug deep into the subject, held onto that darkened suspense, or that intense dramatic reality that was his films. He was a director that stepped over the boundaries of subject matters that was taboo for their time. From drugs to homosexuality. He pushed the boundaries, and showcased a brilliance in capturing a story that always seemed to linger in the mind of viewers long after the film was over. He mastered the reality of creating a thick book form of storytelling through his direction. He was a man that enjoyed pushing the limits of his time, by adding eye opening and taboo realities. He seemed to almost laugh in the face of censorship, but that is what makes him a shining artist of film making. From the movies, Laura, Where the Sidewalk Ends (which might I add Twilight Time released on a special edition Blu-ray), The Man with the Golden Arm, Anatomy of Murder, Bunny Lake is Missing, (which might I add Twilight Time released on a special edition Blu-ray) and so many others including this personal favorite of mine, 1960’s Exodus which is also been released on a Twilight Time Special Edition Blu-ray. I could go on and on about his films. He mastered so many.

Forever Amber is a historical adventure drama. It’s about Amber St. Clair, the setting is in the seventeenth century England. It showcases Amber trying to raise up her reality from simple country girl to nobility. This reality succeeds but what happens is she slowly loses the aspect of love.


Brilliant yet again in the department of Audio and Video. Sound quality is crisp and perfection to the ears. The video transfer is a perfection that only grand companies like Twilight Time can do.

The Hospital:
VIDEO: 1080p High Definition / 1.85:1
AUDIO: English 1.0 DTS-HD MA

Forever Amber:
VIDEO: 1080p High Definition / 1.33:1
AUDIO: English 1.0 DTS-HD MA


The Hospital:
Isolated Music & Effects Track: The musician behind the music for the film was not a major film composer. He did a few TV and shorts but the only film he ever did was this one I am reviewing The Hospital.   
Original Theatrical Trailer

Forever Amber:
Isolated Music Track

Linda Darnell: Hollywood’s Fallen Angel


Two fantastic High Definition films on solid transfers. Brilliant audio and video. Two highly recommended films by the one and only Twilight Time Company. The Hospital and Forever Amber are two priceless films to experience on these wonderful High Quality Blu-ray. Twilight Time never fails in creating wonderful outlets to awesome films that in some cases are lost by time but thankfully through companies like Twilight Time we are blessed with High Definition, High quality product.


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