Twilight Time Blu-ray: Let's Make Love (1960)

Let’s Make Love (1960)

Starring:  Marilyn Monroe, Tony Randall, David Burns, Yves Montand, Frankie Vaughan, Wilfrid Hyde-White

Company: Twilight Time

My Review and Thoughts:

Another wonderful amazing treat starring one of my favorite Hollywood Icons the one and only Marilyn Monroe. I am always super excited to see Marilyn in all things cinema. What better way to watch this goddess then on a wonderful Blu-ray by an awesome company like Twilight Time, who pays wonderful homage to the classics of cinema.

I have been a huge fan of classic cinema my whole life. I love the era with Marilyn Monroe. She had such beauty but also talent that was often overlooked by that beauty. Her demons and inner darkness to strive and struggle in Hollywood can be seen in her ultimate choice of suicide. I cannot imagine what she went through to become the talent that Hollywood wanted her to become. I can look at today’s horrors in the news where so many female actresses suffered through sexual abuse by producers and directors and co-stars, and I can only imagine, back then, what females had to go through in a male dominated industry of the time. Even with all that said Marilyn Monroe showcased a natural talent, yes fabricated with blond hair, makeup and a girlish persona that Hollywood wanted, she still was able to approach cinema in a classic way that created fans of many generations. Twilight Time has done an amazing job in picking Let’s Make Love and showcasing it on a new worthy to praise Blu-ray, that is a must own experience. The high quality imagery and audio bring forth a prize for any movie buff. Would have loved to have special features but the imagery and audio themselves is a special feature; that should be talked about. Twilight Time just released another Monroe film on Blu-ray last month the 1952 classic Don’t Bother to Knock.

Also starring the amazing award winning actor Tony Randall. A classic icon of cinema. A true classic actor that starred in many wonderful features. Such as the classic 7 Faces of Dr. Lao which is a true classic and must see. Randall was a comical actor and yet also a sophisticated actor of the natural talent of performing. From classics such as 1959’s Pillow Talk, 1979’s Scavenger Hunt, 1962’s Boys’ Night Out. He even played the amazing character of Hercule Poirot that the amazing Agatha Christie created in her long running novels in the movie 1965’s The Alphabet Murders. He was true cinema treat. Seeing him in Let’s Make Love is classic Randall. He was not only a movie actor but a Stage Thespian and TV movie guru. He did it all.

Keep an eye out for the wonderful Broadway actor David Burns. A true treat to cinema from acting and singing. He was a great actor, character actor, owned every part he ever did. Started performing in 1921 on Broadway and acted all the way up to his death in 1971. I love spotting the old timers of cinema. The ones who started acting when film first started. He began on film in 1918 and went on year after year of performance. It was great spotting him in this classic film that Twilight Time blessed with a blu-ray.

Also, what is super cool is keep an eye out for many wonderful cameo’s. From the greats like Gene Kelly, Bing Crosby and the one and only Milton Berle. This is a wonderful comical musical that leaves a lasting fun impression upon the viewer.


My Rating: 5 out of 5

Yet again this movie has never looked any better. Twilight Time has done a fantastic job in creating a wonderful new High Definition, 1080p Blu-ray. The audio is equally fantastic. Twilight Time always touches on perfection when creating new outlets to older films, and for any movie lover, that means a perfect entertaining good time.

VIDEO: 1080p High Definition / 2.35:1
AUDIO: English 5.1 DTS-HD MA / English 2.0 DTS-HD MA


Slim pickings here but you do get the wonderful Isolated Music Track: The music was done by James Van Heusen (music)/Sammy Chan (lyrics), Lionel Newman and Earle Hagen (arranged/conducted).

Now the music was composed and conducted by Lionel Newman and Earle Hagen. Newman was a brilliant, music genera master, in his own reality. Gifted in the art-form of supplying memorable music scores and tunes for many wonderful films, and for TV shows that most will remember for its music. First movie for me that really comes to mind, besides this one that he has worked on, would be the horror classic, The Omen, followed equally by the Sci-fi Masterpiece Alien. I mean just looking at the scores he has conducted, The Omen which is one of the greatest and always spooks me anytime I hear it, showcases his amazement. He was the uncle to music man, Randy Newman. He won an Oscar for the amazing 1968 Hello Dolly. He was the music supervisor for Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. That should tell you his mastery. 11 Academy Award nominations and 1 win. He crafted his art-form over decades upon decades. He crafted composing music and soundtracks all the way back into the start of the 1930’s. He mastered his talent through both small and large, from the TV series Mash, to The Green Hornet and music supervisor on Land of the Giants, Lost in Space, Batman, and Planet of the Apes. He also was the conductor for many other Twilight Time release’s: The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, Doctor Dolittle, Don’t Bother to Knock and The Boston Strangler. Now Newman also was a part of another movie that Twilight Time graced the Blu-ray world with. He was the conductor on Flaming Star starring Elvis Presley.

Original Theatrical Trailer


Another highly recommended Blu-ray by Twilight Time. Perfection in audio and video transfer, refreshed on a high quality High Definition Blu-ray. Let’s Make Love is a fun, laugh out good time with music and silly antics, that just bring a wonderful entertaining experience. Twilight Time captured another treat for movie lovers.  


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