Flicker Alley Blu-ray: The Garden of Eden (1928)

The Garden of Eden (1928)

Starring: Corinne Griffith, Louise Dresser, Lowell Sherman, Maude George, Charles Ray, Edward Martindel

Company: Flicker Alley

My Review and Thoughts:

My Rating: 5 out of 5

This Blu-ray has been brought out by one of the great companies that pick and choose and restore forgotten pieces of cinema. Flicker Alley is a one of a kind company that creates dynamic products that showcase the world of cinema and honor it with beauty. They put into the product and represent that film as something bold and new. Many of there choices are old, vintage, silent or forgotten movies in this modern world of cinema. The Garden of Eden has been taken, refreshed, cleaned to the best available prints, and brought out as a masterpiece product. It has never looked any better or sounded any better or graced the world of movie lovers until now. To see this film in this Flicker Alley (Made on Demand Blu-ray) is to experience a new, fresh experience that only masterly companies like Flicker Alley can do.

This black and white silent Comedy Drama is a total experience of product perfection. The movie itself is a wonderful film to experience. The product, this enhanced cleaned up Blu-ray creates a whole new film. Flicker Alley has brought an old lost dried up morsel, and created a vibrant piece of perfected clarity.

Starring the one and only Corinne Griffith. The goddess of silent cinema. An icon sadly forgotten by time. She started performing in 1916 in silent and worked her way to a vast career up into the late 1960’s. But it would always be her shining beauty, and brilliance in the many Silent Films she graced, that truly stands out. Her role in The Garden of Eden is no different. If your ever out in Hollywood and get a chance, honor this amazing beauty by visiting her Star on the Walk of Fame at 1560 Vine Street. The Garden of Eden also stars one of the emotional performers in film of all time, another forgotten powerhouse, Louise Dresser. She could create a part, make you believe that part, and make you sense her emotional strong willed performance. She might have been a secondary character actor, but she was as if the main star. She worked alongside so many greats of cinema history, including the one and only, sexy, handsome, masterly actor Rudolph Valentino in 1925’s The Eagle. It was wonderful seeing her in The Garden of Eden. Always a priceless experience to watch her perform. 

Next you must mention the iconic performer Lowell Sherman. Another forgotten master talent of the silent film world. Started performing all the way back in 1914 and worked up until 1932. He is another one I look for when watching classic silent cinema. He knew his parts. He performed excellent in The Garden of Eden. Next you must mention the goddess Maude George. Another golden ticket of the silent film world. Started in 1915 and in less than 15 years, she starred in over 60 productions. It was a true treat seeing her in The Garden of Eden. Doing a review, you can’t not mention Charles Ray and Edward Martindel, two iconic performers that graced The Garden of Eden. Charles ray had a vast career in the cinema world, often playing a one style of character, and in his later years of acting, in the 40’s, he was often uncredited. Sometimes a side line character, sometimes in the back ground, but his career of over 170 performances is extraordinary. He graced the cinema world from 1911 until his death in 1943. He was a constant performer no matter how small the part was. He was and will always be remembered in my movie loving heart. He was one of the great Silent Film Actors to ever grace the cinema world, and I don’t say that lightly. He had his flaws. It is said he was hard to get along with, but what he gave in front of the camera sticks out as pure brilliance. If you ever get out to Hollywood, pay him some amazing respect by visiting his Star on the Walk of Fame at 6355 Hollywood Blvd. He was a master talent need I say more.

The Garden of Eden was directed by one of the greatest directors of all time. Lewis Milestone. He brought forth visionary cinema. The amazing one of a kind, masterpiece 1930’s All Quiet on the Western Front, which he won an Academy Award for best Director for. He also mastered other fantastic pieces of cinema, 1927’s Two Arabian Knights and The Front Page, also 1939’s Of Mice and Men. He was a crafted visionary that was able to create imagery and flawless story. He was able to use his actors and actresses in believable moments on screen. Many will know him for directing the original 1960 classic Ocean’s 11. He was not only a director, but a screen writer, producer, actor, editor. He not only directed Feature films, but he also directed TV features and shorts. He started in the cinema world in 1918 as director and worked all the way to 1964 as director.  


My Rating: 5 out of 5

This lost masterpiece of silent cinema is digitally mastered from the best surviving elements. It has never looked any better. I have seen other versions of this film and comparing them to this Made on Demand Blu-ray, there is no comparison. This Blu-ray is excellent in all the best ways possible. I mean come on, why would you pick apart, or nitpick an old, silent gem. Just having it makes it, all the more fantastic.

Also, on this silent classic, it is paired with a musical score arranged and performed by Robert Israel. Israel is a master Film Score Composer that really needs no introduction to the cinema world, or the music world. He has worked on so many wonderful, old silent films. He has refreshed and created so many iconic scores for iconic films of the Silent Era. From 1926’s masterpiece The General, to the one and only masterpiece 1915’s Les Vampires. You can go on and on mentioning his brilliance in the cinema world. He has well over 130 productions under his belt as composer for cinema and TV production. Having Israel do the score for The Garden of Eden is just another priceless example of why you should own this 

Language: Silent (with English Subtitles)
Screen Aspect: 1.33:1
Audio: Mono
Color/BW: B/W


My Rating: 3 out of 5

Now the golden ticket to this product is not only the wonderful creation of this forgotten gem of film, but it comes with some great extras that Flicker Alley has thrown in. Some small wonderful special features that any lover of cinema would appreciate.

Hollywood the Unusual (1927 / 10 min.) – (From Flicker Alley Description) Newly restored, Hollywood the Unusual is a previously unknown travelogue of Los Angeles area vernacular architecture produced in the late 1920's that promotes the community of Hollywood as a land of make-believe. The film is a remarkable portrait of a lost age, and a fascinating historical glimpse at architectural landmarks.

Pressbook Slideshow – Lobby cards, text excerpts, and other promotional materials from the film’s original 1928 press book.

Production Slideshow - Production stills from the estate of Director Lewis Milestone


What else needs to be said other than, this is a solid product. A forgotten film by time. A wonderful new product on Blu-ray. This film has never looked any better or sounded any better. A priceless gem. If you’re a cinema buff, movie lover, film guru, then what are you waiting for, buy this Blu-ray. It’s Highly Recommended.