Cult Films Blu-ray: Il Postino (1994)

Variation #7595 of Juliet of the Spirits- Dual Edition (Bluray + DVD) (Copy) 1Il Postino (1994)

Starring:  Massimo Troisi, Philippe Noiret, David Partington, Karen Marrie, Maria Grazia Cucinotta

Company: Cult Films

Product Description: Telling the fictional story of the real-life Nobel laureate poet Pablo Neruda’s exile to a tiny island off Italy where, being a high-profile figure, he receives such huge quantities of mail that the local post office must hire an extra postman: Il Postino. Though shy and poorly educated, our postman is so intrigued by Neruda that he devises ploys to engage the attention of the great poet. The unlikely duo become friends as Neruda is charmed by the fresh simplicity of the postman whose love for poetry he then applies to woo a local beauty.

My Review and Thoughts:

My Rating: 5 out of 5

Cult Films picked another classic in my book. I love this movie. A solid cast. Tight direction, and awesome story-line. Another flawless gem. First off what can be said that hasn't already been said about this powerful masterpiece of romantic drama, comedy. It mixes many genera into one film, capturing love, comedy, drama and a biography reality. Cult Films has mastered this film on this amazing new outlet. This Blu-ray is a flawless example of how to treat older films and bring them out for a whole new audience. The new High quality Transfer to Blu-ray is something to praise and talk about.

I thoroughly make the statement that few would disagree with, that this goes up there with some the greatest films. It's one of the great story-lines of cinema. This left a lingering mark on me and most every viewer that witnessed it, because it captures a flawless acting reality. The chemistry between all the actors and actresses make the viewer laugh, love, feel warm inside. You in a sense know these people. These people become alive while you watch, that is how the performances on screen become apart of you. The acting, direction and story-line all come together to create something that remains.

This was directed by a great director who is important in the world of cinema, I speak of none other than Michael Radford. Radford, I feel, has never been praised as much as he should be. He has a stamp of originality, or at least allows an ultimate dramatic undertaken in his films. Films that create characters that stay with you. He directed the awesome one of kind film 1984. I feel 1984 and Il Postino is two of those films that last, that remain, that is a strong example of film making. 1984 and Il Postino are both films that have many wonderful examples behind them, and in front of it. From actors, actresses, directors, costumes, sets, music, cinematography and everything else thrown into it. Radford directed Il Postino flawlessly. He was nominated for an Academy Award for Il Postino, he did not win and to me that was a huge blow, he deserved the win, because Il Postino is a film that stands the test of time. Is as important now as it was then in 1994 when it came out.

Starring the brilliant Massimo Troisi who was a master thespian. Not only an actor but a screenwriter, and a director. A flawless visionary that sadly died of a heart attack at the young age of 41. Il Postino was his last film. He left a world of brilliance and the acting in Il Postino is a prime example of his mastery. He captured a flawless performance that truly stands out.

Next you must mention the acting brilliance of Philippe Noiret who not only stars in this masterpiece film as Pablo Neruda, but he stared in one of the all time greatest films in cinema history, the one and only Cinema Paradiso. Sadly, this acting master is no longer with us, passing in 2006, but he left an amazing array of film and Il Postino is one of those films.

When reviewing this movie, or no matter who is reviewing this movie, one must mention the music score. The master talent behind this score is the one and only master of sound, God rest his soul. The musical genius Luis Bacalov. Cult Films has created an audio perfection along with video perfection, on this new transfer and sound quality mastery. The score sounds fantastic. It sounds flawless. The new outlet by Cult Films shines with audio perfection. This master of music has worked on so many amazing feature films from the masterpiece 1964’s The Gospel According to St. Matthew, to countless Spaghetti Western films. Including the Cult classic Django. Awesome director Quentin Tarantino has used his music many times, embracing this master in his classic films Kill Bill Vol 1 and Vol 2 plus the amazing one of a kind remake of Django in 2012. He composed perfection in Il Postino. The movie is a flawless example of how music is important in film. This movie captures not only the perfection of directing and acting, but also the perfection of music.

I am thankful Cult Films has picked this movie for a wonderful Dual Format both Blu-ray and DVD. It was amazing seeing it on Blu-ray restored in High Definition. It has never looked any better. I have seen this movie on the big screen, VHS and on TV and DVD, this Blu-ray blows all of them out of the water. Cult Films did another amazing, lovely job.


My Rating: 5 out of 5

Yet again this movie has never looked any better. Cult Films has done a fantastic job in creating a wonderful new High Definition, Blu-ray. The audio is equally fantastic. Cult Films always touches on perfection when creating new outlets to older films, and for any movie lover, that means a perfect entertaining good time.


You get a wonderful special feature of an exclusive and candid interview with the director himself Michael Radford. A wonderful listen for any lover of cinema.


Another highly recommended Blu-ray by Cult Films. Perfection in audio and video transfer, refreshed on a high quality High Definition Blu-ray plus DVD. This is a wonderful entertaining experience. Cult Epics captured another treat for movie lovers.


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