1000 Films


These are in no order, these are simply the 1000 films everyone should see.

They transcend every genera from Masterpiece to independent or low budget. From great acting or Amazing Story or flawless direction.

Each one of these films brought something to the cinema world. It could have been flawless directing, acting, story. It could have been of a historical nature adding to the brilliant reality of film.

Each one of these movies added something and gave something to the cinema reality of history in the art form of film.

From Drama, Suspense, Mystery, Horror, Action, Cult, Indie, Art House, Experimental, Foreign, Documentaries, animation and everything else.

I could have easily chosen 50,000 films but I wanted to structure some of the most important films. Some will say, what and disagree and that's understandable, but each one of these gave something and created memorable moments of cinema beauty or eye opening cinema or just simple entertainment.

Now I want to say many of these are not intended for children, some are shocking and very disturbing but each one holds some type of reality to important moments in film.

So Enjoy!!!!

And try to seek these out and watch!!!!